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Leadership Sanga 2023


Welcome to ISKCON
Leadership Sanga

In order to serve all our guests appropriately it’s important each ILS attendee registers for this exceptional event.

Registration ensures you will have access to all seminars and plenary meetings as well as 3 meals a day of fabulous prasadam during the 5 days of our gathering.

Thanks to generous sponsorship from devotees and temples around the globe interested in seeing ISKCON leaders collaborate and thrive, a nominal fee of $11 US reserves your spot at ILS 2023.

Register today while openings are still available and secure your place at this unique event.

“If you relieve me of the burden of management, that will be a very great service to Kṛṣṇa and the movement.
See that everything is going on nicely. With great endeavor we have made the framework,
now we have to see that things are going on nicely.”

Letter to Pusta Krishna, August 1976

ILS Speakers of 2023

You can download or have look at PRESENTATION BOOK here.

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What are the dates of ILS - 2023?

Dates of ISKCON Leadership Sanga (ILS) Feb 12-16 and other significant dates and details are as follows:
07-11 Feb: GBC Annual General Meeting
12-16 Feb: ISKCON Leadership Sanga (ILS)
13–16 Feb: Sravana Utsav
17 Feb: Festival Inauguration, GBC Istagosthi, Kirtan Mela Adhivas
18–22 Feb: Kirtan Mela
19 Feb: Siva Ratri
20 Feb: World Sankirtan Book Distribution Awards
22 Feb: Nabadvipa Mandala Parikrama Adhivas
23 Feb-1 Mar: Nabadvipa Mandala Parikrama
02 Mar: Parikrama Mahamilan
03 Mar: Ekadashi, SB & Caitanya Caritamrta Yajna, Ganga Puja
04 Mar: Govinda Dvadasi, Santipur Festival, Elephant Procession
05 Mar: Mayapur Sankirtan Book Distribution Awards, Boat Festival
06 Mar: Immersion of Ashes, Deity Procession, Gaura Purnima Adhivas
07 Mar: Sri Gaura Purnima
08 Mar: Jagannath Misra Festival
09 Mar: Festival Flag Lowering Ceremony

Who should be encouraged to attend the ILS?

The ISKCON Leadership Sanga is designed specifically for devotees engaged in the following leadership services as well as those seriously aspiring to be engaged in these services in the future.
GBC members
Gurus and sannyasis
Zonal supervisors
Regional secretaries
Temple presidents
Temple vice-presidents
Leaders of significant ISKCON projects
Developers of significant ISKCON projects
Bhakta-vriksha / Nama-hatta leaders
ISKCON community developers
Active preachers
Sankirtan leaders
Communications officers
Those who are training for leadership positions

What about fees for attending ILS?

This year there will be a nominal fee for participants. US $11 until Feb 1. The registration fee covers entrance into all seminars, workshops and evening programs and three prasadam meals. We are offering an incredibly low registration fee but it does NOT cover accommodation.
For those who register by January 31, 2023 the cost will be only US $ 11.
For those who register after January 31 the cost will be US $50.00.
In order to pay on arrival some previous arrangement has to be made during the registration process. Please contact us at

Is prasadam cost included in the registration fee?

The ILS fee covers three meals per day. There will be some identification which will allow you to enter. We will do our best to provide for non-spiced and simple diets. We will include steamed or boiled vegetables, plain rice, kitri and a variety of fruits and grains in the menu.

What about accommodation arrangements?

To streamline the booking of accommodations in Mayapur and to make it easier for attendees to find rooms that suit their particular needs, the rooms will be arranged via the Mayapur guesthouse management. Please contact them directly via email
We humbly ask you to be patient in regard to getting notification about your room booking. The Mayapur guesthouse department has already set aside adequate rooms for the ILS. However sorting it all out and communicating with everyone takes time since there are a large number of people calling for rooms. Please understand that your response from the guesthouse management may take few days.

How can I arrange transportation?

To arrange for your transportation from the airport or train station please visit:


Glimpses of ILS 2020

Sri Mayapur Dham, 14th-20th February, 2020

On February 13 we will be celebrating the most auspicious Grand Opening of the Deity’s entire Pujari Floor as one of the completed phases of our construction progress..



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Acyuta Priya dasa joined ISKCON in 1980 in the USSR. He participated in underground preaching, translation, printing and distribution of Srila Prabhupada’s books. He is a disciple of Radhanatha Swami.
From 1988-1995, he was Temple President of ISKCON Kiev, Ukraine. From 1995 and up till now, he has been Regional Secretary and then Zonal Supervisor for ISKCON Ukraine, Moldova, Transnister, Crimea, Donetsk and Luhansk areas. He is travelling and preaching in the above mentioned zones. He serves as a Deputy from 1997 up till now. Acyuta Priya dasa graduated from the GBC College for Leadership Development and teaches the Bhaktivaibhava course in the Kiev Academy for Krishna Consciousness. He is an author of books on community development and Vaisnava philosophy.


Bhakta-seva: Building up a Community on the Basis of Devotee Care

This seminar is meant for ISKCON leaders of all levels, and anyone interested in community development. Focuses on devotee care, fully compatible with GBC resolutions and Devotee Care Committee vision. Gives practical tools for building up healthy, vibrant and sustainable community of thousands from the very beginning point of one namahatta. Focus on values-oriented approach in preaching and building community, on how to implement Srila Prabhupada’s “think big” vision without compromising relationships and burning up devotees. ISKCON needs whole generation of leaders. We shall speak on how to empower young generation of devotees to come up and take leadership roles in Society. What makes one a leader in ISKCON, what leader should and should not to do to be successful in service. Tools for ISKCON’s social development.

Single booth/stall price:$11