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Aniruddha dasa joined ISKCON in 1978. His spiritual master is Bhurijana dasa. He serves as President of ISKCON Melbourne, secretary of ISKCON Australia, secretary of the GBC Deputies and a member of the GBC Org Dev and Nominations Committees. He teaches Bhakti Sastri, the Spiritual Leadership Course, Teacher Training and the ISKCON Disciple Course. He has taught in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and India. He has facilitated the ISKCON Disciple Course over thirty times.


ISKCON Disciple Course – Obstacle or Opportunity?

Imposition or opportunity?

We show you how to:

  • Utilize the course to lead, teach and inspire
  • Enliven your members so they love you for the care, guidance and shelter you provide
  • Follow Srila Prabhupada by personally teaching techniques he wanted all his disciples to know
  • Build dynamic preaching communities based on fundamental principles of bhakti
  • Train devotees to value, respect and work with devotees at all levels of learning, seniority and advancement
  • Present thoroughly trained candidates for initiation you can count on every time

Single booth/stall price:$11