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Anuradha devi dasi embraced the Bhakti tradition in 1991. After suffering from a personal trauma, she began dedicating her time to creating heart-centered connections to those around her. She loved cooking healthy, nutritious meals for others and bonding with them further by teaching them about how, with their diets, they can attain peace of mind and a spiritual, soul-deep satisfaction, earning her the nickname Diet Guru. After much study, and reflection she has led various workshops on diet and nutrition. She now hopes to bring her findings and realizations to the community of ISKCON.


Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing

Social Network technologies and social media engagement, characteristic of the Fourth industrial revolution, have transformed the way people communicate, and are here to stay. For organizations (like ISKCON) looking to grow or sustain influence and remain connected to global markets, investing in these dominant communication platforms is no longer optional, but essential. However, trying to build a brand on social media without a strategy can be counterproductive.

This seminar will provide compelling evidence to engage in social media marketing, and provide a basic framework to refer to in developing a social media strategy. It will include how to effectively plan, execute, measure and optimize the results of social media marketing. It will give direction in choosing appropriate networks, curating content, monitoring feedback and growing followers. It will share insights from the latest social media industry reports and provide recommendations on strategic elements in the efforts to grow and shape ISKCON’s outreach activities through social media. Pitched at a fundamental level, this seminar will assist devotees, active or interested in social media activities, to build a strong organic presence online.

Why Prasadam Matters, Makes a Difference and Can Change Everything

Cooked, offered, and served with love – or so we hope! This is the promise of prasadam. Do we give it the attention it needs? Are we thoughtful about what we eat and what we serve to the public? Does anything go because ‘Hey, it’s prasadam!’ – no matter how it looks, tastes, and heaven forbid, is served! We’ll explore ways that prasadam can be given the honor it deserves, and in turn be more relevant and influential – not just for own health and spiritual growth, but for the public we also serve. Srila Prabhupada has declared that “God realization begins from the tongue.” What we eat and speak directly affects our spiritual lives. We should be leaders in the food court. This seminar will get us there.

Single booth/stall price:$11