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Bala Govinda dasa, an initiated disciple of Radhanath Swami, joined ISKCON in 1996 at Pune, India. He has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Pune University and worked as a software engineer at Tata Technologies Ltd. He also has a Masters in Education M. Ed. and a keen interest in the field of education. He founded and managed ten flourishing student leadership training communities in engineering colleges across India. From 2013 to May 2019 he served as the Vice President of ISKCON NVCC, Pune. He is currently running four set ups of value-based schools and parent-educators’ associations facilitating eighty children while pursuing his Ph.D. in Education. He is also a trustee and faculty at the GBC College for leadership development. And a global launch coordinator for the Devotee Care Course.


Raising a Village to Raise a Child

The traditional African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child” has been widely quoted when examining the partnerships required during the maturation of our youth. Our “village” has never been as fast-paced, instant gratification centered, and pressure-packed! Today’s children are faced with a myriad of both challenges and opportunities. Navigating parenthood can be a daunting undertaking – partnerships and supports are necessary to prepare our children for tomorrow.

There is great need to form “educators’ and parents’ association” locally. The purpose of it is to offer quality education, culture and spiritual inspiration to children within and outside our ISKCON communities. This seminar gives ideas and tools of how to form small groups of devotees to cater to this need (In case of non-availability of such ‘association’ even an individual parent/ a couple can still use some of these ideas and tools).

Single booth/stall price:$11