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Caitanya Avatari dasa has been practicing Krishna Consciousness for nearly 30 years. He is currently managing ISKCON Magadi Main Road – New Rajapur Jagannatha Dham Centre in Bangalore. He is a Global Duty Officer (GDO) responsible for ISKCON Initiated Disciples Global Database and a member of GBC Organization Development Committee. He is active in Congregational Development services worldwide and a member of Global Bhakti Vriksha Research & Development team. He is also part of the China Mission Council. He is a special project coordinator & senior Bhakti vriksha coach in the Congregational Development Ministry. Caitanya Avatari dasa is a member in many Temple council /Advisory Boards specifically serving them in the Congregation Development area and helping them in strategic planning and implementation. He serves in many countries, such as India, China, Taiwan, Philippines, USA, Canada, Switzerland, Italy and Australia.


Information, Communication and Technology Enabled ISKCON – Future Forward

Today, many organizations in the world are grappling with the issue of a rapidly changing business environment due to innovations in the information technology domain. These technology changes bring in lot of changes in the way one does his normal course of business, in few cases the business itself becomes irrelevant. As ISKCON leaders/devotees many of us are matching pace with these technology changes easily, but how we are doing as an organization? It’s important as ISKCON leaders we need to understand and assess where do we stand as an organization to brace up such changes without compromising the Krishna Conscious values as enunciated by Srila Prabhupada. In this presentation we see at a very high level, where are we? where we want to be? and how we reach there? with respect to technology adaptations from an organizational perspective. Your thoughts and active participation in this topic may help shape up the future of our society.

6C Strategy for Developing and Retaining Contacts

ISKCON temples / centers / yatras sometimes go through the challenge of not succeeding in getting new contacts/members/devotees for their regular programs. One can observe the phenomena wherein there are committed / dedicated ISKCON devotees but there are no new devotees / members for cultivation resulting in frustration. Often times the few existing devotees feel the burden of rendering all the services and eventually feel burnt-out. On the other hand, we also get to hear the success stories that how few devotees started preaching in a location and brought in several hundreds of souls into Krishna Consciousness and all of them are joyfully engaged in rendering services voluntarily. One may wonder what’s the missing link? In this presentation we will see how one can apply the 6C Strategy for developing and retaining contacts for successful cultivation and eventually managing a committed and enthusiastic set of devotees.

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