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Devaki devi dasi, disciple of HH Niranjana Maharaja, joined the brahmacarini ashram in Australia in 1985. As a grihastha, she preached in the former Soviet Union and since 1999, serves as a renounced traveling preacher, regularly visiting India, Bangladesh, Europe and the USA. She served on the GBC Committee for Devotee Care and currently promotes such care as a top priority within the ISKCON family. Her multifaceted understanding of Vaishnava culture inspired her to establish the Institute for Spiritual Culture in 2014, offering insightful education in Vaishnava life. She has published two books and conducts Holy Name Retreats around the world.


Powerful Japa – The Secret of Success

Life today is very fast paced and full of distractions. Leaders and managers carry a heavy burden of responsibility and their japa can easily suffer the fate of becoming a dry or ritualistic duty – without taste. Such chanting will not provide the required spiritual strength and purity to advance Mahaprabhu’s Sankirtan movement. This seminar presents the importance of deep, attentive and prayerful chanting. We discuss inattentiveness of the body, mind and heart. We hear the amazing benefits we gain as leaders and devotees by chanting attentively, and the pitfalls we face if our japa is lacking. Participants receive practical tools to bring their chanting to the level of the heart where they realize the true power of japa, and its secret to our success!

Single booth/stall price:$11