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Devakinandan dasa was introduced to Krishna Consciousness in 1983. He was later initiated in 1993 by HH Mahavishnu Gosvami (elder, Gujarati) and was his secretary from 1996 – 2010 when he departed from this material world. He was the President of ISKCON Singapore for the past 15 years and is now serving as Zonal Supervisor of Singapore. He is also the Global Duty Officer (GDO) for Legal Affairs in ISKCON and is the General Counsel for the GBC Body. He is an enthusiastic student of the study of Srimad Bhagavatam and travels extensively and regularly around the world preaching the glories of this transcendental literature. He also serves as a Trustee of MVT and is a member of the GBC Organizational Development Committee. He is a practicing advocate and solicitor in Singapore and runs his own private law practice, specializing in corporate, business and intellectual property laws. He is married to Radhika Devi Dasi, a senior educator with the Ministry of Education, Singapore and has 2 teenage children.


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