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Gauranga dasa is a B.Tech graduate of IIT Bombay and has been serving at ISKCON Chowpatty since 1993. Currently he is serving as Presidential Board Member of ISKCON Chowpatty and Director, Govardhan Ecovillage – Strategy Collaboration and Communications, an award-winning farm community. He is also serving in various capacities at national and global scale in ISKCON such as Global Duty Officer for the GBC, trustee of the GBC College, member of the GBC Org Dev and Nominations Committees, Divisional Director of Devotee Care and Temple Development, Systems & Administration departments of GBC strategic planning committee, member of the Shastric Advisory Council, member of the ISKCON India Advisory Committee and several others. He is also the Chairman of Bhaktivedanta Vidyapitha Research Centre (BVRC), which is affiliated to Mumbai university and is eligible to offer PhD degrees in the field of Philosophy. He is also serving as Trustee and Administrative Director for Bhaktivedanta Research Centre (BRC), Kolkata.


1. Understanding and Carrying Forward the Legacy

Leadership transitions are crucial junctures in the journey of any organization especially faith based organizations. Currently ISKCON is passing through such a juncture where the baton of top leadership is gradually being passed down from the 2nd generation to the 3rd generation. One of the crucial factors for ensuring smooth and effective transition is preservation and transmission of tacit knowledge which the previous leaders have accumulated over decades of leadership experience driven by their observations, intuition, realizations etc. As part of an initiative of Org Dev, a team of devotees had conducted interviews of senior Srila Prabhupada disciples and GBC leaders. In this seminar we shall present the condensed and collated learning from these interviews on themes like Founder-acharya’s mood, SWOT analysis of ISKCON, dreams for future of ISKCON etc.

2. Art of Decision Making for Leaders

Decision making is a vital function of leadership. We are at a critical juncture in history where decisions taken now shall shape our movement and the world around for several centuries to come. A leader often encounters complex decision situations charged with strong polarization like: duty and emotion, pragmatism and idealism, tradition and innovation, justice and mercy – to name a few. Further there could be social pressures, situational complexities or cobwebs of prejudice to add to the existing dilemma. In this seminar, we shall learn about the four obstacles in decision making and explore how to overcome these obstacles with the H3 Decision Making Process.

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