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Since 2015, Kalakantha dasa is the GBC minister of Cow Protection and Agriculture. He has worked as a member of SPN (Strategic Planning Network) since 2013. Born in Brazil from a family of farmers and agriculture professors, son of a Cambridge PHD professor and researcher, he has worked with farm communities for the last 25 years and holds a degree in agriculture. He has visited practically all the ISKCON farms around the world and is building an ethical cow protection equation for ISKCON. Kalakantha dasa believes in the power of producing our own food and currently runs the ISKCON Continental Farm Conferences Cycle, with the help of vibrant continental networks. These conferences are already established in Europe, North and South America, Russia, Ukraine and South-Southeast Asia and they are being launched in Australia and Africa. He is based in Sri Dham Mayapur, India, with his wife and two daughters.


Dharma and Ecology

The introduction of Positivism in science has led to the extensive spread of industrial agriculture with much ecological damage. As a response, many alternative organic trends emerged and Agro-ecology has unfolded as a positive paradigm. In other emerging trends the bovines are considered responsible for the environmental crisis. However, milk is an essential ingredient in the practice and rituals of Bhakti Yoga and the cows and bulls are the representatives of Dharma. This poses a challenge for Vaishnava practitioners: to show a functional system for producing milk from protected cows for the upliftment of consciousness. In this seminar we will explore the relevance of bhakti yogis adopting and contributing to a dharmic lifestyle that may reveal a missing link between cows, dharma and the environment.

Single booth/stall price:$11