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Nityananda Asraya dasa, Originally from Delhi, INDIA; a Disciple of H.H. Gopal Krishna Goswami Maharaj, currently serving in ISKCON Bahadurgarh {Harayana} as a Temple President and Bhakti Vriksha Coach, Youth Director Rohtak {Harayana}. Formerly served for 10 years in ISKCON Punjabi Bagh, Delhi as a Congregational Preaching Supervisor and Trainer. Currently training the leaders and generating new leaders in different parts of the world like Canada, Qatar, Bangladesh and various parts of INDIA in Bhakti Vriksha Leadership and Community Development. He joined ISKCON in 2006 in ISKCON Punjabi Bagh as a full time Preacher and Manager. He has developed the Bhakti Vriksha Training Modules (Hindi), Workbooks, Assessment sheets as well as Teachers Handbook for all the leaders around the World.


Growing Supportive Temple Congregations Through Bhakti Vrikshas

Working towards furthering Krishna Consciousness in our preaching areas requires efficient processes that are appealing to everyone. As Congregational preaching is rapidly increasing all round the world, there is certainly a need to systematically enhance our supportive circle of congregations through an effective model. This seminar will help leaders to identify the effective methods of contacting new people, cultivating them through a step by step process and grooming them into responsible leaders for taking ISKCON into the future. The systematic approach of Bhakti Vrikshas is focused on the clear goal of strengthening ISKCON. As Srila Prabhupada said “without Goal, what is the use of practice”. This seminar would help leaders to define ambitious yet realistic congregational goals when developing their local yatras and inspire congregations to offer optimal support to the development of ISKCON centers.

Single booth/stall price:$11