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Nrsimhananda dasa (ACBSP) moved into the Chicago “temple” in 1971 and was initiated the following year. He is best known for having conceived and managed Iskcon Television (ITV) which produced and/or released documentaries, featurettes, puppet shows, interviews, devotional feature films, cooking lessons, Prabhupada videos, etc. for more than two decades. He also conducted weekly Sunday feasts at the Pyramid House in Topanga for 14 years. He is currently the chairman of the SABHA, organizer of the speakers for the annual LA Prabhupada Festival, and co-director of Uplifting Cinema Pvt. Ltd. which is developing Krishna conscious feature films.


Centralization vs Organization – Can We Have One Without the Other?

Prabhupada said, “I have heard from Jayatirtha you want to make big plan for centralization of management, taxes, monies, corporate status, bookkeeping, credit, like that. I do not at all approve of such plan. Do not centralize anything. Each temple must remain independent and self-sufficient. That was my plan from the very beginning, why you are thinking otherwise?” This refrain has been echoed throughout ISKCON’s temple walls for decades. So what’s with all the organization? Deputies? Global Duty Officers? GBC zones? Disciple Courses? Loyalty oaths? Org Dev? ILS? Are we going against Srila Prabhupada’s instructions? This seminar drills deep into the question of whether Iskcon is “thinking otherwise.” The answer is probably not what you think.

SABHA – How to Utilize Your New Voice to the GBC

SABHA is an acronym for Spiritual Advisory Bhagavat Assembly. It is primarily a “check and balance” for the GBC just as the temple presidents used to be during Srila Prabhupada’s presence. The SABHA can suspend resolutions, suggest topics for GBC discussion, and introduce proposals without GBC sponsors. All of the 35 SABHA members, who represent various constituencies of the Iskcon diaspora, are available for input. The SABHA is a vetting machine for your concerns. Do you have an issue? bout management? about practices? about perceived philosophical deviations? Let’s talk about what is the mandate for the SABHA and how it can be of service to you. In this seminar, you’ll also be brought up to speed.

Single booth/stall price:$11