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  • Born in in 1969 in Ukraine, that time part of USSR.
  • Middle school, College.
  • Then joined Soviet Army Commando training in Military Academy.
  • Graduated as military journalist.
  • In 1991 joined ISKCON.
  • Till 1995 served in Ukraine as Sankirtan leader in one of the temples in Kharkiv.
  • 1996 – joined Vedic Gurukula in Mayapur.
  • 1998 – Ordered by Spiritual Master to preach in Bangladesh and India.
  • 1998 – 2003 – Vice president of ISKCON Allahabad temple, Youth Preaching.
  • 2003 – requested to go to Nepal.
  • Served as a IYF Director and Sankirtan leader.
  • Since 2013 serving as Regional secretary.


1. Creating a strong Hold of Vaishnava Friendly Loving Relationships

This seminar provides leaders with useful information, data, and analysis about one of the most important principles in our spiritual life in ISKCON–spiritual friendship and Vaishnava relationships. This contributes to knowledge, understanding, and evaluation of ISKCON as a global community.

Srila Prabhupada wanted his followers to cooperate after his departure in order to spread Lord Chaitanya’s message all over the world successfully. It is not possible to accomplish this without solid cooperation and mature relationships among the leaders of ISKCON.

  • How to create the loving atmosphere of FRIENDSHIP, COMRADARY and TRUST among the devotees of the different generations in ISKCON?
  • How to work in a strong HOLD TOGETHER?
  • How to create a mature TEAM and to ACHIEVE GOALS in a UNITED SPIRIT?
  • How to make FRIENDS based on the SERVICE to the Mission?

These are but a few questions we address in our presentation, and will offer realistic solutions based on sastra, examples of our acaryas and spiritual masters as well as our personal experience.

2. Loving Krsna & Beating Our Wives.

Single booth/stall price:$11