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Praharana devi dasi was initiated in 1972 by His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada. She has served as pujari, book distributor and temple manager. Presently she is Chair of the North American GBC Council and Director of the GBC Executive Secretariat. She is a Global Duty Officer. She was the Director of the North American Committee for the Prevention of Leader Sexual Misconduct for over ten years. She is a trained social worker (MSW) and was employed for many years in this profession.


Sexual Misconduct of Spiritual Leaders: A Workshop for Managers

Sexual Misconduct of Spiritual Leaders. It happens in ISKCON. Local leaders are often held responsible to manage such a situation; one that can be incomprehensible, highly emotionally charged and spiritually reprehensible. Sexual misconduct polarizes communities causing great distress, loss of faith and trust, reduced donations and in many cases lawsuits and even criminal charges. Society in general is demanding more accountability of leaders worldwide: The #MeToo Movement. ISKCON leaders must exemplify the highest standards of moral conduct and devotee care as Srila Prabhupada instructed. What happens when they don’t? As a local leader what should you know? Who is considered a leader? How can you effectively manage a complaint of sexual misconduct? What resources does ISKCON offer? What can do you proactively in your community to prevent this problem?

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