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Senapati Prabhupada das has contributed managerial services in Nepal for almost a decade. Graduating as a Medical Doctor, he preferred to serve full time in ISKCON management. Using his sharp intelligence, he plays a big role in many decision makings. He is also called a think tank by the devotees around him. He joined the movement in 2008 and was initiated by Jayapataka Swami in 2013.


Management is Not a Headache, Mismanagement is

It’s mismanagement which creates many problems in ISKCON today. Management itself is not bad. But we all are giving “mismanagement” the name “management” and trying to run away from it without understanding proper management. Srila Prabhupada emphasized in his last moments that along with proper spiritual standards, ISKCON will last forever if we are organized and use our intelligence wisely. How can leaders and managers in ISKCON do proper management which benefits ISKCON?

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