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Tapana Misra dasa started associating with ISKCON in 1997 while studying at the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Over the following twenty years he experienced Krishna consciousness in different environments – university program, temple resident, congregation member and a yatra leader. He held senior positions in the secular world and represented sovereign entities on the Board of billion-dollar enterprises. His current services in ISKCON are: Director – Global Duty Officers, Executive Director – Ministry of Education, GBC Nominations Committee & GBC Organizational Development committee member, Zonal Supervisor – Iran, TP- Kuwait, etc. Has traveled to over 50 countries and resides in Mayapur with his family.


Management is Not a Headache, Mismanagement is

It’s mismanagement which creates many problems in ISKCON today. Management itself is not bad. But we all are giving “mismanagement” the name “management” and trying to run away from it without understanding proper management. Srila Prabhupada emphasized in his last moments that along with proper spiritual standards, ISKCON will last forever if we are organized and use our intelligence wisely. How can leaders and managers in ISKCON do proper management which benefits ISKCON?

GBC Staffing

ISKCON centers and temples have expanded many fold. In order to support the growing ISKCON, the Governing Body Commission that manages it needs to be more equipped too. Many religious and spiritual institutions of today have put in considerable efforts towards strengthening their global administration. While the GBC Body makes every effort to meet twice every year but many areas of administration and support need to be developed. There is an urgent need for staff. Finance, Legal, IT, HR, Marketing, PR and so many other areas where qualified devotees need to serve the GBC Body such that ISKCON can continue to strengthen for the next 10,000 years. This seminar will explore and offer various areas of service to the GBC Body.

Single booth/stall price:$11