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While visiting Caitanya College UK in 1982, as a guest, Bhakta Tony assisted with the construction of a Rathayatra cart. This changed his life and in 1983 he joined ISKCON London and was initiated Titiksu dasa. He served as Temple Commander, then in sankirtana, then as the travelling sankirtana leader and Rath Cart Manager. In 1986 he got married and in 1988 opened a temple in Liverpool. In 1999 he moved from Liverpool with his family to Bhaktivedanta Manor near London. He currently serves as Rath Cart Manager since 1983, ISKCON Ltd UK Director/Trustee since 1993. UK BBT Sales Manager since 1999 and London Rathayatra Organiser since 2000.


Mission Focus

Whatever project or temple we may be involved with, a clear vision of ISKCON’s purpose is a useful reference point, which can enhance our effectiveness in achieving our goal. This seminar is designed to inspire reflection on the essential elements of our mission. It takes a fresh look at the yuga dharma by focusing on statements of purpose for the mission, the missionary and the method based on Siksastakam 1 and examples from the parampara. The difference between ISKCON and its mission is presented, but also the symbiotic relationship between the two, which is considered in an open discussion.

Single booth/stall price:$11