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Vrnda devi dasi was initiated in Vancouver, Canada, in 1986. She recently retired after eighteen years as chief financial officer of a non-profit organization where she was responsible for millions in tightly-monitored government funding. She built and maintained highly respected systems for accountability, becoming known for integrity, systems thinking and team leadership. A graduate of the GBC College, she currently serves on the Canadian National Council, the North American Vision Team, and the SABHA. She is a director of several Canadian ISKCON organizations and she facilitates the work of ISKCON Manitoba. She is also an educator, author and editor.


Financial Accountability, Transparency and Trust: The Least an ISKCON Manager Needs to Know

Whether you manage a large temple, a specific department, a project, or a festival, money needs to be accounted for. This seminar will help Temple Presidents and Project Managers provide leadership to their teams to inspire and increase the trust of the congregation and donors. Learn about key concepts and skills such as creating transparency, handling conflicts of interest, spotting potential red flags and much more. These policies and practices were important to Srila Prabhupada, and they align with his instructions for current managers and future leaders. In today’s climate of increasing accountability, they are an essential part of protecting ISKCON’s assets and fostering growth.

Single booth/stall price:$11